How to Unblock Facetime in UAE in 2017

Unblock Facetime in UAE

We live in world of Internet and communications. Today we have lots of different services and application for voice and video calling. Facetime is a great video telephony product developed by Apple. Unfortunately now Facetime is blocked in many countries and today we are going to discuss how to unblock the service with VPN for Facetime. This is secure and reliable method tested by many people.

Facetime is very popular all over the world today and it is available in many languages.

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Now Facetime works for iOS and Mac devices.

VPN for facetime

Unfortunately due to country’s regulations Facetime was blocked in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It is also limited in China.

We believe that there should not be any limits and restrictions in communications. People must have an opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends. This is especially important for millions of expats living and working in UAE and KSA. So how to unblock Facetime when you are in a country with Internet censorship?

The easiest way to bypass geo restrictions is change IP address because most country’s limits are based on IP address.

Why Use VPN for Facetime

There are many ways to change, hide or mask you IP address.

You can move to another place without Internet censorship and your IP address will be changed physically or you can change (mask) you IP address virtually.

This can be done with VPN or Proxy.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network – secured encrypted tunnel that helps to hide IP address.

The main advantage of VPN is that it is much more reliable and works for any application. While proxy can hide your IP address only in browser.

How to use VPN for Facetime in UAE?

  1. Get your VPN account data (free trial account or order a personal VPN)
  2. Setup VPN connection for iOS or MAC OS device
  3. Use Facetime without any limits and restrictions.

That is really simple and works fine for UAE, China, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

We are always glad to answer any your question about a VPN.

VPN for facetime


FaceTime is not enabled on devices bought in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

If you bought your device in another country you can unblock Facime with VPN solution.
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